Project: Introduction of RRI in WB countries: Improving self-sustaining eco-systems for research and innovation

In this article:

The National Center for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning is one of the partners of the Horizon 2020 project, entitled “Introduction of RRI in the Western Balkans: Improving Sustainable Eco-Systems for Research and Innovation”, abbreviated WBC-RRI.NET (no. . 101006279).

The main goal of WBC-RRI.NET is to encourage the application of the principles of responsible research and innovation (RRI) at the territorial level in the Western Balkans, and then to promote a framework for research and innovation management (R&I) at multiple levels. RRI principles will act as facilitators of shared learning and diffusion of territorial management innovation, which in turn may lead to improved R&D planning, including existing or forthcoming smart specialization (S3) strategies in WB countries. .

The start date of the project is March 1, 2021, and the duration is 36 months. The project team is composed of 13 partners from 8 countries.

Detailed information are available on the web page of the project..

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