Regional workshop “Green innovations in vocational education and training”

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The Union of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia (SSK), the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Skopje, the National Center for Development of Innovations and Entrepreneurial Learning, “Rade Koncar TEP” and ASUC “Boro Petrushevski” on September 5, 2022 realized a regional workshop on the topic “Green innovations in vocational education and training – a prerequisite for regional development”, organized within the framework of the European project GREENOVET
The workshop discussed the potentials and competencies that exist for the development of green innovations in the Skopje region, the available educational facilities, as well as the role of the Center for Excellence in Vocational Education and Training for Green Innovations in encouraging economic development.

The Green Innovation Vocational Education and Training Center aims to encourage all stakeholders in the education system to explore their creative and innovative potentials by developing innovative teaching and learning methodologies, including project-based and competency-based learning using EntreComp the entrepreneurial learning tool.

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