European Union


ICT; Start Ups; Cross Border Cooperation


Setting up an intelligent Cross-Border Accelerator for ICT-enabled start-ups. Potential scientists and entrepreneurs involved in the accelerator process will go through a stage-gate process of training and mentoring, starting with general ICT-enabled business development trainings, continuing with dedicated webinars conducted by some of the area’s top experts


02.2019 - 08.2020

Achieved results

Strategy & approach


The iCBA project’s main objective is to provide entrepreneurial training and mentoring so as to help people from the Cross Border area into creating their own start-up companies through expert laboratories and webinars, which can allow them to start their own businesses or find employment in existing businesses more easily.

Target Groups

The main target groups are aspiring entrepreneurs with priority to the sectors of tourism, agrofood and ICT, which are very promising in both countries and highly suitable for cross-border cooperation activities between enterprises.

Furthermore authorities, stakeholders and investors from the whole CB area will be involved. Entrepreneurs, stakeholders, investors and the general public in the whole CB area is similarly expected to benefit, as the new innovative start-ups can help just-start the area’s problematic economy.

Project Outputs