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Our vision is a world in which every learner has the entrepreneurial skills to be part of
a workforce that is alert and responsive to change and capable of designing and
implementing new solutions to complex problems. EntreCompEdu is a project that
wants to empower teachers to rethink the skills they have and how they can be used,
by seeing their own strengths and using them to improve the quality (and inclusiveness)
of school education to foster entrepreneurial skills in learners in return!
The entrepreneurial skills we want to foster in teachers are those identified in the
European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp):

We support teachers…
…by building a bridge from the classroom through making direct policy and practice
based links between the professionalisation of teachers, educators and leaders and how
this can be supported by developing the capacity of teachers to deliver
entrepreneurship education through their teaching.
We will develop and test
• A Professional Entrepreneurial Skills framework through wide consultation
with learners, teachers, leaders, community and business to develop a
competence based framework outlining the skills that teachers can use to
facilitate entrepreneurial learning in the classroom.
• An Implementation Practice Map for teachers that will contain practical
examples of how they themselves have used these skills in their teaching
• In addition, we will develop and test a scalable model for Initial and Continuing
Professional Development. We will use an innovative social learning media tool
to network and support both trainee and existing teachers to enhance their skills.
We will work with teachers as action researchers and for the first time apply the
process of deliberate practice to a professional community of teachers.

We support school leaders…
…by giving them the tools to easily implement entrepreneurial learning approaches into
their classrooms, be connected to a community of like-minded practitioners for
reflection, have the skills and tools to actively achieve education innovation for the
benefit of teaching and learning, and see schools be embedded as central part in the
wider community.

We support policy makers…
… by addressing ongoing challenges of learner disengagement and early school leaving.
We want for policy makers to have a large scale tested professional skills framework
for educators, have the tools ready for educator assessment and methodologies and a
fully accredited CPD for teacher development. All of these will impact to wider policy
agenda areas – employment, social inclusion, economic growth – to demonstrate the
importance of investment in education.

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