GREENOVET- European VET Excellence Platform for Green Innovation

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GREENOVET is a project funded by Erasmus +, with a consortium consisted of four regions in Austria, Finland, Portugal and North Macedonia to promote excellence in the vocational education (VET) landscape  for environmentally friendly innovation throughout Europe and thus also to enable a positive influence on a sustainable and innovative economy in the Skopje-region.

Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) will be established in Styria – Austria, Leiria – Portugal, Vaasa – Finland, and Skopje Region – North Macedonia. The CoVEs will foster environmental, social and economic development in Europe, through green and sustainable innovation processes enabled by VET excellence. Additionally, they will develop capacities through trainings and study visits -more than 100 teachers will be trained to provide excellence in teaching of both vocational and key competences, more than 16 regional and 2 international projects with companies will be implemented and the VET students will improve their skills.

During and after the project implementation, continuous evaluation and monitoring of the CoVEs’ processes, services and instruments as well as their implementation will be conducted.

GREENOVET will provide a platform to interconnect the European VET schools on regional, national and transnational level among them and with key partners in the local innovation and skills ecosystems.

Our Project Partners:



Styria – Austria, full partners:

FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences
Technische Universität Graz
3s Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Green Tech Cluster Styria GmbH
HTL Bulme Graz-Gösting
Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark


Vaasa – Finland, full partners:

Vaasan Yliopisto / University of Vaasa
Vaasan Kaupunki
OY Merinova Technology Centre
AB Yrkeshogskolan Vid Abo Akademi / Novia University of Applied Sciences


Leiria – Portugal, full partners:

Instituto Politecnico de Leiria / Polytechnic of Leiria
Escola Tecnológica, Artística e Profissional de Pombal
NERLEI – Associação Empresarial da Região de Leiria


Skopje Region – North Macedonia, full partners:

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
ASUC Boro Petrushevski
Macedonian Chambers of Commerce




Our role in the project:

  • WP1 leader & regional coordinator, Mobilise key stakeholders, Support in Measuring skills gaps, Status quo analysis
  • Developing Concepts and strategies of CoVEs, Establishing of the 4 CoVEs, Development of the international cooperation platform
  • Participating in world-class expert training, Peer Learning, Support in the organisation of Workshops for CoVE wider teams, Host of Workshops for CoVE, Host of international Training
  • Review of CoVE portfolio, Support the implementation of trainings program for teachers and trainers, Supporting role in the implementation of the pilot projects (int. and regional), Support of international competition in Green Innovation Excellence, Provide jury members for competition
  • Support in the setting up of QA board, Contribution to formal and regular reporting, Contribution to conducting product and process quality control
  • Contribution to development of evaluation framework, Evaluation and impact assessment, Peer review
  • Review of dissemination plan and project identity + CoVE CI, Contribution to website content and social media, Contribution to regional big events and final conference, Contribution to VET attractiveness raising events
  • Contribution to Business plans, Contribution to cooperation agreements, Contribution to international cooperation agreement and IPR agreement, Design of business plan for CoVEs and int. platform
  • Participating in Management board, Contribution to 9 monthly internal report, Contribution to interim and final report, Participating in 8 project meetings
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