Announcement of upcoming motivation event for innovative startups – Bitola

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Within the project “Intelligent Cross-Border Accelerator for Innovative ICT Start-ups (iCBA)”, funded by the European Union, the project partners University of Information Sciences and Technologies “St. Apostle Paul ”, Youth Entrepreneurship Service Foundation and the National Center for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning (NCDIEL), organize a motivational event for innovative startups, online through the ZOOM platform, on 18.12.2020 (Friday) starting at 10:00. In addition, see the agenda for the event.

All young entrepreneurs are invited to the events, as well as key stakeholders for the economic development of the region, working to support and develop entrepreneurship in the region of the city of Bitola. They will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the planned activities of the project, how they can take part and share their views, challenges and good practices to support entrepreneurship.

The overall goal of the project is to raise awareness among cross-border entrepreneurs, the start-up community and other stakeholders in the field of entrepreneurship and business, in order to build a cross-border accelerator, through networking and creating synergies.

The aim is to support young entrepreneurs with the idea of ​​starting a company, to connect entrepreneurs with the academic community and industry, to help them with expert advice and finding funding. These activities, within an intelligent cross-border accelerator, can improve the overall economic situation in the area, using the ICT potential and highly skilled workforce, providing an incentive for employment and reducing brain drain, as a permanent innovative solution, forming a model that will be attractive to all parties involved and will prove sustainable long after the project is completed.

Please register here to participate in the event.

Additionally, you will receive a link to access the ZOOM platform via email.

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