Development of a plan for gender equality: Meeting the requirements of the Horizon 2020 program and beyond!

In this article:

We are pleased to inform the public that on 02.07.2021 starting at b. An online gender equality event will be organized as part of an international project Introduction of RRI in WB countries: Introduction of RRI in WB countries: Improving self-sustaining eco-systems for research and innovation

The Gender Equality Plan is a set of actions to identify gender bias, implement procedures to overcome it and set measurable indicators to monitor progress.

Within the project, the gender dimension is especially emphasized as a key element in developing responsible research and innovation. Guests from the European Commission are invited to the event, as well as representatives of research organizations from several countries. It will address gender equality issues, encourage knowledge sharing and joint learning on the topic.

An additional goal of the project consortium is to establish a working group that will continue to work on gender equality plans in the Western Balkans.

To participate in the event, please register here


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