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Calling all artisans and craft enthusiasts! Did you know North Macedonia’s craft sector is going green? Join the movement and be part of the sustainable crafting revolution!

As the world shifts towards sustainability, local artisans and craftsmen are beginning to embrace eco-friendly practices, innovating their artistry, and contributing to a greener future. The essence of the Green Craft Sector lies in its commitment to sustainable practices. Local artisans are rediscovering traditional techniques and incorporating eco-friendly materials into their creations. From vibrant textiles to intricately carved woodwork, these artisans are infusing their crafts with a sense of responsibility towards the environment. North Macedonia’s Green Craft movement goes beyond individual practices, with various initiatives supporting local sustainability, which not only foster creativity but also strengthen the sense of community among craftsmen dedicated to a common cause.

In order to have more promising future, we need to turn towards the green transition and embracing the green craft sector. Artisans and craftsmen will not only contribute to a sustainable economy but also inspire the next generation to prioritize eco-friendly practices in their creative endeavors. The sector’s growth serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing the transformative power of conscious craftsmanship.

NCDIEL, with support from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of North Macedonia, aims to foster the green craft sector through an “International Forum for development and promotion of the green craft sector” and a two-day event for “Supporting the craftsmen through sharing international experiences”. At the International Forum we will have guests from Austria, Finland and Portugal who will share the current trends in their respective countries.

Follow us along on this exciting journey of crafting a greener future in North Macedonia!

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